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ElectricBlue : JSR-82 Bluetooth Stack Over Windows


ElectricBlue is a JSR-82 compliant Java Bluetooth Stack Implementation over Windows. The features of ElectricBlue are given below

  • JSR-82 Compliant

ElectricBlue is a 100% JSR-82 compliant stack, implementing the complete JSR-82 specification.

  • J2SE Ready Java Bluetooth Stack

ElectricBlue can be used to create application on J2SE without any need of additional libraries such as GCF.

  • Runs over Microsoft Stack

ElectricBlue uses the native Microsoft stack, and hence can be run on any Windows XP/Vista that has the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack Installed. (Usually this is included by default for all XP/Vista)

  • Fastest JSR-82

ElectricBlue is the fastest JSR-82 stack available with the smallest memory foot print.

We recommend FruitMobile, for a complete set of Java Profile API/Applications over the JSR-82 Java Bluetooth Stack.

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