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JSR-82 Stack

ElectricBlue 1.0

Bluetooth Stack (JSR82) over Windows XP/Vista.

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BlueSim 1.0

JSR-82 Simulator. Runs on any platform.

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Java Bluetooth Stack (JSR 82)


JSR Soft brings to you the complete Java Bluetooth solution customized as per your need.

JSR-82 specification (JABWT) is defined by the Java Specification Request (JSR) to standardize the set of java APIs so that Java Enabled devices can be integrated in to the Bluetooth environment.


JSR-82 API support rapid development of Bluetooth applications that are portable, secure, and highly usable.

ElectricBlue is our JSR-82 implementation over Microsoft Windows XP. Check out more details about ElectricBlue, the fastest JSR82 stack with the smallest size. Download, and try it for free!

BlueSim is a JSR-82 Simulator, which is 100% Java and JSR-82 compliant. Check out more details of BlueSim, the Java JSR-82 Simulator.

JSRSoft, the experts in custom JSR Implementation, can develop custom JSR-82 (Custom Java Bluetooth Stack) as per your requirements, over your required device. Contact us for a custom JSR-82 Implementation.


We recommend FruitMobile, for a complete set of Java Profile API/Applications over the JSR-82 Java Bluetooth Stack.

Want a custom implementation of any JSR? Contact JSRSoft the JSR Experts.

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